[Oracle EBS] Archive and Purge GL Balances and Journals

We can archive and purge account balances, as well as journal batches, entries, lines, and associated journal references for one or more accounting periods, provided the periods are permanently closed.

To Archive, navigate to Responsibility General Ledger Super User - Setup - System - Purge

The Archive process is move data from GL table to GL archive tables.  Data from tables is copied as below :
  • GL_balances --> GL_archive_balances
  • GL_batches --> GL_archive_batches
  • GL_je_headers --> GL_archive_headers
  • GL_je_lines --> GL_archive_lines
  • GL_import_references  --> GL_archive_references

Once the process completes, export the archive tables data to a safe place and the purge the data
References :
- Archiving Account Balances and Journal Detail
- Purging Archived Account Balances and Journals

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