[Oracle EBS] Query to list Reports assigned to a Responsibility

On Oracle E Business Suites, if we want to view any report that attaches to a responsibilities, we can use this following Query.

SELECT fcpl.user_concurrent_program_name "REPORT NAME",
                fnrtl.responsibility_name, frg.request_group_name,
                fcp.concurrent_program_name "CONCURRENT PROGRAM SHORT NAME"
           FROM apps.fnd_request_groups frg,
                apps.fnd_request_group_units frgu,
                apps.fnd_concurrent_programs fcp,
                apps.fnd_concurrent_programs_tl fcpl,
                apps.fnd_executables fe,
                apps.fnd_responsibility fnr,
                apps.fnd_responsibility_tl fnrtl
          WHERE frg.application_id = frgu.application_id
            AND frg.request_group_id = frgu.request_group_id
            AND frg.request_group_id = fnr.request_group_id
            AND frg.application_id = fnr.application_id
            AND fnr.responsibility_id = fnrtl.responsibility_id
            AND frgu.request_unit_id = fcp.concurrent_program_id
            AND frgu.unit_application_id = fcp.application_id
            AND fcp.concurrent_program_id = fcpl.concurrent_program_id
            AND fe.execution_method_code LIKE 'P' --'Oracle Reports'
            AND fcp.executable_id = fe.executable_id
            AND fe.application_id = fcp.executable_application_id
            AND fnrtl.responsibility_name LIKE '&Responsibility_Name'
            -- Example Resp. Name : Inventory, Vision Operations (USA)
            AND fnrtl.LANGUAGE = 'US'
            AND fcpl.LANGUAGE = 'US';

For example, we want to view the report that attaches to Global HRMS Manager Responsibilities. Just fill the value from responsibility_name variables into Global HRMS Manager :

Than the result is :

Untuk melihat Report apa saja yang menempel pada suatu responsibilities bisa menggunakan Query diatas.

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